10 WWE Superstars Who Seriously Need Repackaging

Your gimmick sucks. Change it or just go away, please.

Character building takes time, especially in front of a WWE crowd. But time can also be a character's worst enemy. Superstars need to constantly evolve in order to keep earning a reaction, and to stay relevant to storylines. We don't like seeing the same thing every single week. And while it's a tough job for Superstars to adjust themselves - especially given the amount of time they spend on our television screens - it's completely necessary. If we ate the same meal every day, we'd get bored of it. It's the same concept here. Unfortunately for some, however, they are at a disadvantage right from the off. Some would be better served going back behind the curtain and locking themselves in a bathroom cubicle rather than appearing on television, purely because of their on-screen persona. There are characters that are simply that bad. It's time to take a look at ten Superstars who are running around with a gimmick that just isn't working. Not having a character of relevance is damaging, and when it's repeatedly shoved in our faces every week it can end up ruining careers. The men behind some of these characters stand at risk of losing all credibility if things don't change. They're not all that bad, but my, there's some shockers.
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