10 WWE Superstars Who Will Leave In 2016

Who will enjoy their future endeavours in 2016?

As a wrestling fan, devising one's own crystal ball is part of the fun. Speculation is king, and trying to figure out what the landscape of World Wrestling Entertainment will look like in 12 months is something all wrestling fans will do at some point in time. I would wager that a large number have already started putting together their own WrestleMania cards, planned surprise returns and championship wins. Predicting the future is all part of being a fan. WWE has an immense amount of talent at its disposal, and despite 23846 hours of weekly television time the company seems unable to find something meaningful for a large number of the wrestlers. Now, I'm not arguing that everyone should be in a major storyline, certainly not, but with over 60 men and 15 women there is absolutely no reason why the same matches should happen as frequently as they do. But happen they do, and a number of talents will find themselves frustrated with nothing to do. Inevitably a number will ask for their release from the company, or alternatively some will be released. 2015 saw Justin Gabriel, AJ Lee, Rey Mysterio, Brad Maddox and a whole host of other names leave the company. Who can we expect to leave in 2016? There will be releases, there will be requests and there will be retirement. Some are easily predicted, others require looking into that crystal ball that all wrestling fans keep hidden away. Which 10 names has it revealed for the forthcoming year?


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