10 WWE Villains With Understandable Motives

Yeah, they're bad... but they have a point.

Eddie Guerrero

When creating the ultimate villain, having the ability to p*ss people off on the turn of a dime has always been pretty high up on the standard requirements list.

It's no different when creating a convincing heel in WWE, yet not all wrestling villains are two dimensional 'bad guys'. In fact, the company has seen its fair share of antagonists that have veered into the grey area of character development, forcing us to question whether we were right to boo them in the first place.

Whether they're trying to change our negative ways or are breaking out of an image that has been forced on them by the paying audience and/or upper-management, it can be incredibly compelling to see a babyface strike out and change their ways for completely understandable reasons.

These relatable choices aren't supposed to be easy to digest - otherwise we'd be cheering for the wrong person - but a villain who provokes you into questioning your allegiances makes for a hell of a more interesting watch than the alternative cartoon moustache twiddler.

It may not have been clear at the time, but given a second glance, these villains definitely had grounds for their actions.

10. Randy Orton - Underappreciated In His Own Time

Eddie Guerrero

Reeling off Randy Orton's career highlights is enough to make even the most storied veteran a tad jealous.

13x World Champion.

Intercontinental and United States Champion.

2x Tag Champion.

2x Royal Rumble winner.

Money in the Bank winner.

So, you'd think by now that he'd have earned a certain level of respect from the die-hard marks of the world.

Yet, even though he'd done all there is to do, Orton still felt that he wasn't being given enough credit from both the fans and current roster.

Finally, Orton turned his back on the lukewarm support he had garnered in his latest babyface stretch on SmackDown and relished in a darker edge to his character.

Citing his fury at being disrespected for too long by the fans and stars in the back who 'eat at the table (he) set for them', Orton set about targeting our heroes. Feuds with Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston followed, with Orton growing more bitter by the day about being undermined throughout his 18 year service in WWE.

All he needed was a little love.


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