10 WWE Wrestlers In Danger Of Missing Out On WrestleMania 40

9. Rey Mysterio

Seth Rollins WWE WrestleMania 40 XL

Beloved masked man Rey Mysterio still hasn't popped back up on WWE TV at time of writing. His ex-LWO stablemate Santos Escobar must be hoping the legend recovers from surgery in time, because a match vs. Rey is Escobar's best hope of snagging a main card spot this coming April.

If Mysterio is missing, then Santos will probs be plonked into some sort of multi-man scenario that won't do a thing for his callous heel character's rise up the ranks. That'd be a real pity, 'cause Escobar is one of the best things about SmackDown these days and richly deserves a marquee blockbuster vs. his old mentor on the grandest stage WWE has.

Over to you, Rey-Rey. No pressure.

Here's the problem: Mysterio might be back in time for Philly, but that remains to be seen. Right now, he's in the danger zone as a major WWE name who's on the bench. Rey's ring work is still impressive, but he isn't getting any younger and will take longer to rehab injuries.


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