10 WWE Wrestlers To Jump Ship RIGHT NOW

It's a hard sell in 2024, but these WWE stars would thrive after jumping to AEW!

AJ Styles AEW

Right, this is a tougher sell than it used to be.

It's also worth noting that Ricochet isn't featured on this list. He might well have debuted on AEW TV by the time some read this. At time of writing, there's a lot of chat surrounding the high-flyer and the fact his WWE contract has now lapsed. Rico is almost certainly about to become #AllElite and dazzle everyone with a rematch vs. Will Ospreay.

Now for the tough part. AEW is a viable, money-making option for those seeking a change of pace from WWE (just ask Adam Copeland), but something is definitely off about the promotion these days. It's hard to sell All Elite as anything more than a "dream match" factory workers favouring a more limited schedule and some more creative freedom would enjoy.

Tony Khan's booking is questionable too. So, where are the positives? The positives come in either breaking midcard monotony on WWE's side and possibly enhancing your career, or ending it on a high with some personally-satisfying matches. Again, just ask the former Edge all about that.

It's admittedly far-fetched, and this was way more challenging to write than the AEW > WWE article, but here's who'd thrive if they traded Triple H for Tony Khan right now.

10. Natalya

AJ Styles AEW

Experience counts.

Sadly, Natalya's longevity in WWE has made most of her matches/feuds crushingly boring. She's part of the furniture, loves the company, is a real locker room leader etc etc. You'll hear those sorts of lines fired out by announcers on autopilot (they've got nothing else to say, basically) whenever Nattie shows up on TV.

They need a break from her just as much as Natalya needs something new herself. Moving to AEW would harness the veteran's nurturing instincts, and it's fair to say she'd relish being able to help a few fledgling stars improve. As the opening line there says, that experience has to count for something.

Nattie wouldn't be a needle mover that'd swing momentum AEW's way, but installing her as some sort of agent in chief of the women's division could work. It's worth a shot, especially if she's ready to take the plunge and flee WWE's cosy nest for the first time since bursting onto the scene in 2008.

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