10 WWE Wrestlers Vince McMahon Loved At First Sight

Chairman WOW!


Vince McMahon is an odd fellow.

SummerSlam 2019 boasted several hugely satisfying moments across an enjoyable supercard, none of which theoretically married up with the preferences of an old tycoon who was once pro wrestling's foremost influential tastemaker.

Trish Stratus was on the canvas with tears in her eyes, not because she was being forced to bark like a dog but due to the pain brought on by Charlotte Flair's Figure Four Leglock. Brock Lesnar, still a cartoon of a human, was beaten clean for the company's top title by somebody half the wrestler and height Bret Hart was - and 'The Hitman' never had McMahon's heart. Roman Reigns - the one wrestler McMahon has gone to bat for over and over again (and often in spite of his audience) for the last five years wasn't even on the card.

This wasn't really a Vince McMahon event. Some would cynically assert that this is probably why it was so enjoyable.

The Chairman has a type, of this we know, and recent footage emerging of 7'3 newbie Jordan Omogbehin making his NXT house show bow had fans racing to anoint him McMahon's next megastar. It may not be that easy this time, but it certainly used to be...


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