10 WWE Wrestlers Vince McMahon Loves (But The Internet Hates)

9. Carmella

Baron Corbin

Let's be honest here. Carmella is not the best wrestler on the women's roster. She's a modern-day Alicia Fox in a company that still kind of employs Alicia Fox, to be as insidiously accurate as possible. Both have a style that relies heavily on weak-looking impacts punctuated by long rest holds and screaming at the top of their lungs even when they're the ones applying those rest holds to their opponents.

Of course, Vince loves this throwback to the, admittedly top end of, the Divas era. Do you know who would just love the idea of a man winning the first Women's Money In The Bank? The same person who'd go on to book her to defeat Charlotte Flair for the championship and then pick up repeated victories over Asuka.

For many fans, 'Mella isn't money in the women's division; she's an annoyance that has to be endured until they get to see the talents around her. Sadly, given that the Emmalina gimmick was recycled for her recent reboot, it's unlikely that it seems that we're a long way from hearing the last time Carmella screeches in a WWE ring.

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