10 WWE Wrestlers Who Are In Big Trouble

If things don't change soon enough, these WWE wrestlers definitely don't have bright futures ahead.

Ronda Rousey Shayna Baszler

It's vitally important to note that an awful lot can change within the business of pro wrasslin' in a rather short amount of time... particularly when it comes to the ever-shifting world of Sports Entertainment.

In just one night, a star that once looked entirely doomed and completely lost in the WWE shuffle can suddenly walk out of a PLE or weekly episode of Raw, SmackDown, or NXT feeling like the hottest property in the company.

But that still doesn't change the fact that at this current moment in time within Triple H's newly inherited playground, there are more than a few performers who either consistently aren't being used to the best of their potential or simply feel like they don't have a place within the new regime.

Now sure, there's still plenty of time for The Game to figure out what needs to be done to pull each and every one of these WWE names out of obscurity or back into a position that best utilises their unquestionable talents.

If things don't change in the coming months, however, there's a solid chance the following wrestlers will all pass the point of repair in the eyes of those watching on... or even frustratingly seek pastures new in the not too distant future.

10. Shotzi

Ronda Rousey Shayna Baszler

Former NXT star Shotzi only reinforced her position as one of SmackDown's go-to losers at the most recent Survivor Series WarGames event.

Nobody in their right mind ever genuinely imagined that the passionate, green-haired tank rider would have even the slightest chance of besting The Baddest Woman on the Planet on November 26. And that reality rendered much of the eventual SmackDown Women's Championship contest as a bit of a waste of time, really.

And the same could probably be said of the decision to call Shotzi up to the main roster in the first place, to be honest.

Since arriving on SmackDown in July 2021, the worker who claims to get a kick out of "taking care of business" has done very little of precisely that. Outside of re-debuting her aforementioned, rocket-boasting vehicle, the most notable thing Shotzi has been able to achieve came in the form of the six-pack challenge victory to earn said Ronda Rousey title shot recently.

And even that played out to crickets due to the perennial loser never once being made to feel like anything more than a notable jobber.

So, imagining a world where Shotzi manages to actually reach the top of the blue mountain seems pretty fanciful at this point, with it feeling more and more likely that the 30-year-old is simply destined to act as top star cannon fodder for the foreseeable.

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