10 WWE Wrestlers Who Desperately Need New Finishers

How any of these competitors managed to win with their lousy finishers for so long is a miracle.

A wrestler's finisher is as important as to their presentation as a performer as anything else. Much like an entrance theme that doesn't fit their character or ugly attire that kills their aura from the get-go, a subpar finisher can be tough for any aspiring Superstar to overcome.

What's worse is when the wrestler continues to use said finisher in hopes it will either catch on or be improved upon. When neither of those things happen, they're left with a weak-looking move that doesn't look like it could hurt a fly.

There is something to be said for innovative finishing moves being hard to come by nowadays because of how almost everything has been done in wrestling. While that is true, it also doesn't hurt to realize when something isn't working and either made the appropriate adjustments or start using something else entirely.

Sadly, not even WWE Superstars (the supposed best of the best) are immune to having awful finishers. The audience can only suspend their disbelief so much and when a match ends on a sour note because the final move doesn't at all appear to be impactful, the performer's credibility is considerably damaged.

These 10 Superstars, more so than anyone else on the roster, would benefit big time from tweaking their in-ring arsenal and adopting a new finishing move.

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