10 WWE Wrestlers Who Grabbed The Brass Ring In 2018

WWE isn't a meritocracy, but Seth Rollins & co. are working hard to change that.


Though the idea of grabbing the 'brass ring' remains as controversial today as it did when Vince McMahon claimed John Cena was the last wrestler to do so back in December 2014, WWE have never had such a hard-working roster.

Circumstance plays a role in this. An impossibly deep talent pool makes standing out a Herculean task, and WWE still isn't the meritocracy its higher-ups purport it to be. Vince and his subordinates remain the kingmakers. They're the ones who'll decide if you make it not, and while the main event scene isn't a closed shop, no number of proverbial ring-grabs will help a wrestler the McMahons aren't high on.

Though the wrestlers within have all worked out of their skin in 2018, their card positions vary greatly. Such is life in WWE.

Honourable mentions are many. This roster is crammed with men and women who strive for greatness, and with apologies to the performers themselves, we acknowledge the omissions of the developing Velveteen Dream, promo genius Samoa Joe, the evergreen AJ Styles, and the countless others who've done everything in their power to create their own opportunities over the past 12 months...


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