10 WWE Wrestlers Who Grabbed The Brass Ring In 2019

It should have been me!


Grabbing the brass ring in 2019 WWE has reached almost mythical proportions.

Fans may well debate which wrestlers achieved this feat in recent years, pointing to the likes of Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins and CM Punk, and yet (according to Vince McMahon) the last person to do so was John Cena.

The thinking behind it is that in grasping that chance you make yourself indispensable to the product via creating your own opportunities. Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the best examples of this; he came along during a period in the industry when personas like his simply didn't exist, carved out his own niche, grabbed the fans' attention and made it impossible for the higher-ups to ignore him.

Arguably, it's also about capitalising on every opportunity WWE gives you... maximise your minutes!

An honourable mention has to go to The Viking Raiders (formerly known as War Raiders) who have had an incredible year in WWE, winning championships on both NXT and Raw despite being saddled with several dreadful name changes.

Walter & Ricochet also deserve nods for their title-winning, headline-grabbing performances in 2019. Regardless, here are ten wrestlers who grabbed WWE's legendary brass ring this year...


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