10 WWE Wrestlers Who Need To Be Taught A Lesson (And Who By)

10. Sasha Banks (By Randy Orton)


Lesson: How to generate slimy heel heat.

Sasha Banks' recent return stirred up an emotional response from the WWE Universe as she turned on a newly injured Natalya, before pounding the Becky Lynch into next week with a steel chair.

So far, so good. This lesson then isn't one taught out of necessity but rather, it's one that could tip Sasha into a bracket of despicable heel this Women's division has been crying out for.

The Viper, Randy Orton has excelled in slithering through the locker room for well over a decade - striking at whoever will benefit him the most at that time. This unique presentation has evolved over the years from the younger almost manic Orton, resembling the rattle of the snakes he emulates, to the slower, methodically composed serpent we witness today. An array of malicious beat-downs and dastardly tactics have earned him countless World titles and a reputation as someone not to be taken lightly.

Sasha showed glimpses of this inner unsavoury reptile in her latest sneak attack on Nattie backstage (harkening back to Orton's attacks on Jeff Hardy and Triple H in the past) if she doesn't drop her game and continues to dedicate herself to being the uncompromisingly devious villain of the division, Sasha could pass this class with The Viper's very own seal of approval.


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