10 WWE Wrestlers Who Never Truly Evolved

8. Sasha Banks

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Never Truly Evolved

Back in her NXT days, Sasha Banks used to enter the ring covered in cheap Jewellery to cries of “Sasha’s ratchet.” The Full Sail faithful were happy to let the heel Banks know they thought her cheap and trashy.

These days her accessories are a little bit more expensive but she hasn’t really changed. It’s just that “The Boss” became a little more legit.

While her bestie Bayley had to ditch her hugger gimmick and change up her look(and let’s never speak of what befell the Bayley Buddies), Sasha Banks has stayed pretty much the same. Her persona and mannerisms can read equally as confidence or arrogance to work either side of the heel/face alignment.

Sasha hasn’t changed, she’s just grown into herself.

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