10 WWE Wrestlers Who Told You They Were Pissed

9. Drew McIntyre Loathes His Evolution Into A Cartoon

John Morrison

In 2021, Vince McMahon finally realised that Drew McIntyre was Scottish.

It was a miracle that Drew had escaped one-dimensional characterisation before last year. Perhaps Drew walked around with a mock-yank accent this whole time, in a state of anxiety, knowing full well that one Vince discovered the truth, he was bound to give him a prop sword and Scotland flag face paint and essentially repackage him as Mel Gibson playing William Wallace in the 1995 motion picture 'Braveheart'.

If you'd predicted this in 2020, even as a joke, people would have called you the worst type of "biased" pr*ck.

Of course it happened in 2021. Drew couldn't have been more Scottish if he celebrated an equaliser against the English international football in a pointless Nations League match with his hand clasped around his raging hard-on.

Drew himself was visibly not happy with this dire Scottish history teacher gimmick (the history of course being completely made-up), and in one backstage segment even intimated that this was all pure sh*t; on the June 28 RAW, McIntyre in an interview with Kevin Patrick said that the story he had just told him was "ridiculous" - but by saying "the whole thing was ridiculous", he wasn't just talking about this one promo.

He confirmed as such to New York Newsday by revealing that "I was telling these interesting - or, not so interesting -Scottish stories."


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