10 WWE Wrestlers Who Weren't Given Enough Chances

The land of opportunity... just minus the opportunity.


WWE likes to hammer home so many messages to its audience and its staff. After all, if you say something enough times then it makes it real, right? Not exactly.

One such line that WWE likes to so often throw out there, is that the company offers opportunity. From there, it's down to each individual wrestler to seize this opportunity and make the most of it. And while there are clearly prime examples of this over the years - John Cena and the rap gimmick that saved him from being released springs to mind - there are so many other wrestlers who find themselves on the other side of this coin, in that this 'land of opportunity' realm is one severely lacking in opportunity.

Unless WWE hands somebody the chance to get themselves over or to realise their potential, the talents' hands are effectively tied and they're destined to remain low on the totem pole. For some, this is fine so long as they receive a payday, while others will opt to challenge themselves away from WWE.

Here then, are ten examples of wrestlers who WWE never fully got behind.

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