10 WWE Wrestlers Who Will Be Top Stars By The End Of 2020

With huge changes being made to WWE in 2020, who will end the year as their top stars?

Scarlett WWE

The world is a much different place to what it was six months ago, and there's not a single industry on Earth which has been unaffected by current world events. In the case of pro wrestling, drastic measures have been taken to keep it alive, and in the case of WWE, the company has gone to some weird places.

Whether it's audience-free shows, cinematic matches like this past Sunday's Money in the Bank, or an awful lot of unexpected creative decisions, WWE is having to make some changes, and that almost certainly means some different names will emerge as the company's top stars by the end of 2020.

Roman Reigns is at home, Becky Lynch just vacated the RAW Women's Championship, and the likes of Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan expected to be M.I.A. over the summer, there are plenty of spots opening up. Now, with WWE forced to give underutilised stars the chance to shine, things are definitely changing.

With that in mind, which ten RAW, SmackDown, and NXT Superstars will be in that top star category by the end of the year? Well, while they may already be featured heavily in WWE programming, they've yet to make the leap up to the level of wrestlers like Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt, but once this year is finally over, don't be surprised to see all of the wrestlers listed here in that spot...

10. Mustafa Ali

Scarlett WWE

Despite speculation that CM Punk could be WWE's mysterious hacker (really?), it seems far more likely that it will be a repackaged, returning Mustafa Ali. His star was already on the rise before he vanished from television, but this gimmick could be one that benefits him in a major way.

While it's definitely too soon to say whether it will work - reports that he's set to be teamed up with Chad Gable could point to this boiling down to another poorly matched tag team - the signs are there that Ali is someone who can make good use of it. He's crazy athletic, likeable, and someone who brings some much-needed diversity to this company.

Provided he's booked the right way and given some big wins, Ali could finally get to achieve his potential; WWE clearly sees something special in him too, because before he was injured, he was being lined up for the WrestleMania spot which ultimately went to Kofi Kingston instead.


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