10 WWE Wrestlers Who Would Win A Real Fight

Bare Knuckle Fighter means bad news for you.

They're strong, they're fierce and they're full of intensity. They operate in a dangerous environment, taking risks with their bodies and their very livelihoods every time they step through the ropes. They prey and pounce on their opponents in the ring, using every skill and every talent at their disposal to get the upper hand in a match. They are WWE Superstars and what they do should not be attempted at home. But they're not competing in legitimate wrestling matches. Anyone that is not a fan is quick to point this out and for the most part, it's not that big of a deal to hear it anymore. Enough time has passed since the territory days, when the business was presented as true athletic competition. And we as fans have moved on and accept pro wrestling for what it is; entertainment. But that does not stop the criticisms from coming and it does not stop the debate from happening. Much of that debate centers on the fiction of pro wrestling versus the harsh truth of reality. To put it another way, just how many of these guys could really take care of business if physically confronted in the real world? Who has the ability to get it done in a violent, unprotected situation? The following are 10 great examples of guys that don't just wrestle for money, they can also fight for pride. Only the current WWE roster was used for this list and are ranked in no certain order. Except for number one. Try telling him its not legit. Go ahead, tell him; and good luck.
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