10 WWE Wrestlers You Forgot Worked In Ring Of Honor

We know about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, but who else worked for Ring of Honor before, or after WWE?

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

For the last 20 years, Ring of Honor has been the ultimate proving ground for independent wrestlers. Since ROH opened their doors, some of the very best professional wrestlers have entered the ring and participated in the Code of Honor. The likes of CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Kevin Owens, and hoards more have left Ring of Honor and ended up in the WWE.

While there are several wrestlers who have been synonymous with Ring of Honor before going on to bigger and better things, there are also lots of legendary wrestlers who had forgettable runs in the company. From one off appearances, legends joining to help the new company, and wrestlers looking to find their spot in post-WWE life, there were plenty of former Vince McMahon employees you might not remember traveling up and down the east coast for Ring of Honor.

With ROH not only returning to the wrestling world following a brief hiatus, but now under the ownership of Tony Khan, now is the perfect time to open the history books back up. Here are 10 WWE Superstars you forgot worked in Ring of Honor.

10. Shelton Benjamin

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

In 2010 Shelton Benjamin was put in the unenviable position of being released from the WWE. Having started his wrestling career with Vince McMahon’s company, this was the first time The Gold Standard was forced to prove himself in the vast world of independent wrestling.

Fortunately for Benjamin, his longtime partner Charlie Haas was also released by WWE that year and The World’s Greatest Tag Team reunited in Ring of Honor. Just a few months after debuting, the former Team Angle members defeated The Kings of Wrestling to win the ROH World Tag Team Championships. They would go on to hold the titles for nearly all of 2011 before dropping the titles to The Briscoe Brothers. They would go on to have one more reign with the tag championships before Haas would leave the company.

Benjamin would only wrestle one singles match in Ring of Honor, his last with the company, losing to Mike Bennett at Final Battle 2013 before heading to New Japan Pro Wrestling fulltime.


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