11 Blockbuster Ways John Cena Could Return To WWE

WWE will already be plotting a big Cena return.

John Cena is temporarily leaving WWE due to personal reasons. He'll be gone immediately after Hell In A Cell, and isn't scheduled back until December 26th for the Madison Square Garden house show. That's nearly two months with no John Cena in WWE. But just because he's back on the house show circuit for WWE's annual post-Christmas shows, that doesn't necessarily mean he'll immediately be back to television duties. Instead, WWE will likely plot a specific time and spot for his return, all with the aim of creating a massive pop and world of momentum for Cena heading into WrestleMania season. The following is a look at some of the blockbuster creative plans WWE might be leaning towards.

11. A Dolph Ziggler / Nikki Bella Angle

WWE have already put down some ground work for this one, via a storyline on Total Divas in which Dolph told Nikki that he wanted to rekindle their romance. The pair used to date many years ago. In Cena's absence on Raw, that story could be developed. Ziggler and Nikki could grow closer each week, eventually leading to a kiss... but just as their lips meet during a ring segment on a December Raw, out comes John Cena. He'd save his girl and kick Ziggler's ass, in true macho fashion. There's a very good chance of that angle happening, leading to a series of Ziggler Cena matches.
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