11 Infamous 'Before They Were Famous' WWE Cameos

3. Rob Van Dam Kisses Ted DiBiase's Feet

ted dibiase rob van dam

A 16-year-old Rob Van Dam was offered $100 to kiss the Million Dollar Man's foot. He obliged. As part of Ted DiBiase's gimmick, he would often invite fans into the ring to perform degrading and humiliating acts for money. During one skit, he invited a young boy onto a stage and told him if he bounced a ball 15 times in succession he would pay him $500.

After the 14th bounce, DiBiase kicked the ball away, sending the boy home without pay. One night, a young Van Dam was chosen and he didn't hesitate getting in there and planting a big one of DiBiase's sweaty, smelly foot.

Goodness knows how much ribbing must have taken place over this once he made it in the WWE.

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