11 Most Overused Moves In WWE

Finishers that don't finish, and sequences we see over and over again. This is the norm of WWE.


After months of face-offs and run-offs, the hero and villain are finally going at it. The battle goes back and forth with the face having the upper hand until, shock-horror, the heel character manages to cinch in a sleeper hold. The commentators are livid, portraying this not as good wrestling but the kind of underhanded techniques that rich Johnny Foreigners use against good-hearted Real Americans.

The fans are on the edge of their seats as they see the life slowly drained from their hero. The ref holds his arm up once, and it drops to the canvas. A second time and the same thing happens. A third time and it starts to drop. The match is obviously over and the forces of darkness and massive moustaches have won...


At the last second he's drawn energy from the cheers of the fans and kept his arm from hitting the mat. He's still in this, and now he's getting a second wind from somewhere which is particularly impressive considering he's in a chokehold. He's lifted the villain and slammed his own body back into the turnbuckles. Loosening the evil villain's grip, our hero is back in the match.

If you watched the then-WWF in the '80s, you remember that match. In fact, you probably remember lots of matches where that happened because it was fashionable for a while.

Forty years on from that, here are the modern moves that are overused in WWE.


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