11 Solutions To Fix WWE's Failing Divas Revolution

One of the biggest WWE disasters of 2015.

The WWE Divas Revolution is one of 2015's biggest screw ups. It is almost a bit like the old WCW Invasion of the WWF, something which sounded great on paper but ended up being absolutely atrocious in practice. The reasons for the failure are numerous, and you could see just how bad things have got when watching the post-SummerSlam Raw. Viewers were forced to digest a Miz Tv segment with Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch. As promos go, this was as bad as anything this year. All three girls were awful on the mic, and the script writers were just as much to blame. What followed was a match, and this was also simply atrocious. Team PCB versus Team Bella descended into farce, with the audience caring more about chanting for "JBL" and doing Mexican waves. Paige and The Bellas later went to social media and complained about the "disrespectful" fans. But guess what? If you can't hold the crowd's attention, that's your fault! The Divas and WWE deserved the negativity, for putting on one of the phoniest storylines in recent memory. The match sucked, if it had been good, the crowd would have reacted good. Team Bella won, which says it all about the supposed revolution. But maybe all isn't lost. Here's ten solutions to fix WWE's failed Divas project.

11. Get Natalya Involved

One of the original things that got Charlotte attention on NXT, and indeed on Raw in a December 2014 match, was Natalya. Nattie worked with Charlotte on several occasions, including what is regarded as one of WWE's best ever women's matches. That match took place in May 2014, and it was what the divas revolution was really all about - great pro wrestling! But here we are a year and a bit later, with Raw serving up uninspired matches with Charlotte against The Bellas and... Alicia Fox? This isn't what the original revolution in WWE's women's wrestling was all about. It was about proper workers, against proper workers. No disrespect to the Bella Twins or Fox, but they are not Natalya.
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