11 Things We Learnt From 'Being The Elite' So Far

It ain't all Too Sweets and Superkicks.


How could anyone not LOVE The Elite? And who wouldn't jump at the chance to see more from them?

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks are three of the biggest names in independent wrestling and in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but they're also some of the busiest human beings on the planet.

To document their manic day-to-day lives, The Elite produce a mobile vlog-style web series on YouTube called 'Being The Elite'. It follows the trials and triumphs of three of the most successful independent wrestlers in the industry today, and glistens with the unique humour and caricature of the triumvirate.

The life of a wrestler isn't all tassels and titles, soThe Elite, either naturally or unintentionally, set out to inform their fans of the side of wrestling on the road we rarely get to see. There are a few bleak moments, but they love to remind us, that it's all for "the business that we love".

Here are 11 things we've learnt from 'Being The Elite' to date...

11. They Don't Sleep Much

For guys with ample in-ring energy and character, both the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega don't get a lot of time to rest. They spend the most part of their days and nights commuting: After their match in Rhode Island, they travel to Boston, and on three hours sleep, fly from Detroit to Fukuoka, Japan. They only spend 22 hours in Japan, grabbing dinner with Kenny upon their arrival and sleeping about five hours before a pay-per-view with NJPW that day.

It doesn't stop once they get back to the States either: as a part of Ring of Honor's 'War of the Worlds' Tour, Nick and Matt fly to Chicago and drive to Dearborn, Buffalo, Toronto, then fly to New York City for the final show. They have a few days rest before jumping back on a plane for the Super Jrs Tournament in Japan, which comprises of 16 shows in 21 days. Ridiculous.

The Bucks are home five days out of the next 40. Nick says, "Our wives are going to be very angry with us, but that's the price you pay when you're a professional wrestler." They lead incredibly manic lives and seeing them in their sleep-deprived state makes you appreciate the efforts wrestlers go to to simply attend shows, let alone put on a performance.

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