11 Things WWE Must Do To Survive In 2016

If something isn't done, next year could get ugly.

By all accounts 2015 has been a bad year for WWE; some would even call it disastrous. Ratings falling to record lows with the audience size reducing by approximately a million since last year, injuries to a catastrophic number of top stars, and level of disinterest and impassivity that we haven€™t seen since the dark days of the early 1990s. I€™m not suggesting that 2016 is going to be the funeral march for WWE. As long as they have the television rights deal and live event revenues they€™re not in any danger of ceasing to exist. But if there isn€™t some real change €“ and soon €“ that TV deal isn€™t going to be quite as appealing next time around and those ticket and merchandise sales are going to start shrinking even more than they already have. Contrary to what some of the chicken littles would have you believe, we€™re still talking about a financially healthy company, but there€™s no denying things are trending downward swiftly. So what can be done to get things back on the right track? It isn€™t as easy as bringing back Daniel Bryan or turning John Cena heel €“ although those are all good places to start. This is a much deeper problem that€™s rooted in the fundamental structure of the company. Some serious changes need to be made if WWE is going to right the ship and regain the goodwill of the fans. Let€™s talk about those changes now.

Brad Hamilton is a writer, musician and marketer/social media manager from Atlanta, Georgia. He's an undefeated freestyle rap battle champion, spends too little time being productive and defines himself as the literary version of Brock Lesnar.