11 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About The Great Khali

1. He Beat The Undertaker Clean

Great Khali Playboy

The Undertaker's recent, possible retirement at WrestleMania 33 has only enlargened his legacy. He may have lost fair and square against Roman Reigns, but the circumstances of the defeat and its implications have served to emphasise the justified hagiography of the Deadman's tenured career.

But it's undermined just a smidge when one remembers that the Phenom, undefeated in 21 WrestleManias, was kept down for the count by a man with as much wrestling ability as a telegraph pole (and about as much agility).

It wasn't even a close-run thing, as the duo's Judgement Day clash in 2006 saw the Punjabi Nightmare dominate 'Taker, something hardly seen since his urn was melted down. The match was concluded with a simple boot to the face, after which Khali arrogantly pinned 'Taker with a single foot.

It was some way to create a star, but unfortunately you'll recall that WWE later had Khali act libertine and charm snakes. If The Undertaker could lose so handily to this man, why should being retired by Roman Reigns, heck, even Curtis Axel, come as any great surprise?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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