11 Two-Sport Themed WWE Superstars

For some Superstars, one sport (or a close facsimile) just wasn't enough to satisfy them.

Over the years, WWE has shown an off and on again yet increasing tendency to disregard its €œsports entertainment€ product as less sport and more entertainment. To that end, for whatever reason, they€™ve similarly had a tendency to introduce Superstars whose apparent calling (at least where their gimmicks were concerned) seemed to lie in other sports. These €œtwo-sport Superstars€ would often either seem to treat the WWE as the €œother€ thing they decided to do, or believe that their original sport of choice made them more than capable of rising through the ranks and claiming championship gold, as well as the glory and fame that came with it. Some were indeed met with great success, while others almost seemed to exist purely for Vince McMahon to assert his claim to a superior athletic endeavor. Following are 11 such Superstars who played the field, so to speak. These aren€™t the 11 best, nor the 11 worst; the range is small yet diverse enough to cover both, so we€™re going to try to rank them from the most dreadful to the most dominant. Two things to note: Criteria for this list is that their gimmick needs to have been heavily informed by their €œother€ sport (just saying "oh, and they used to play ___ before coming to WWE" isn't enough), and we€™re drawing the line at amateur/Greco-Roman/Olympic-style wrestling. There are enough guys who have made that leap to form their own list, so we don€™t need them hogging this one as well.
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