11 Weird Heel Turns WWE Icons Would Like You To Forget

Purple Edge was a strange ol' time in WWE...

Edge WWE

A wrestler eventually choosing to become a baddy at some point in their career is about as inevitable as being put through an announce desk.

These sudden heel turns can often breathe new life into a dying character, leave viewers brilliantly stunned at the unexpected turn of events, or generate a sizeable amount of sympathy for the babyface being battered by this new villain.

But not always.

Sometimes, they're just plain weird.

Either because the decision to turn their back on the fans or a friend simply did not make sense within the story being told, nothing was really done with the shocking backstabbing in the aftermath, or this evil version of their character simply did not click, it's safe to say each and every one of the WWE icons of the past and present sitting on this list would prefer you to forget about these strange times they listened to the devil on their shoulder.

But that's easier said than done.

So, from silly purple-headed character changes, to the baffling betrayal of a student, these are those peculiar times some of the very best turned to the dark side...

11. Shawn Michaels Screws His Student Daniel Bryan

Edge WWE

Not for the first time in his career, all-time legend Shawn Michaels ended up screwing a beloved babyface out of the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell 2013.

Only this time it wasn't a certain 'Hitman' having the belt ripped away from him via 'Heartbreak Kid', it was special guest referee Michaels' own former student Daniel Bryan.

At this point, 'The Showstopper' was very much retired, too. So, watching him get physical in that Bryan vs. Randy Orton encounter and turn heel for the first time since 2005 was unexpected to say the least.

Would this all be leading to a gripping dream match pitting teacher against student in-between the ropes? Well, not exactly.

Instead the whole thing was swiftly dropped after Bryan got his revenge on the D-Generation X for that Sweet Chin Music to the face one night later on Raw.

And why did 'HBK bother becoming a bad guy for this brief, often forgotten spell? Michaels was just sticking up for his best bud Triple H after he was knee'd in the face by D-Bry. Oh, and this was apparently his way of teaching the "little puke" that you can't trust anyone in this business... right. 

Couldn't have just sent him that lesson via email?

Watching Michaels back to his a-hole best was a thrill, sure. But his dumb reasons for doing so, and the fact he was eventually just back to being a babyface Hall of Famer when he returned to screens like none of this had ever happened, turned this all into a weird little bit of business.


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