11 Wrestlers Who Masqueraded As Rosebuds

Adam Rose has been surpassed by some of his party pals, to the surprise of nobody.

Adam Rose Rosebuds

Adam Rose was a strange one, wasn't he? The Radical Mongoose spent forever in WWE developmental as Leo Kruger, a character that everyone was vaguely invested in but not enough to truly care, before morphing into Adam Rose seemingly overnight. Rose had a good theme song and not much else, but he did have enough for certain sections of the Internet to be completely enamoured with him.

Then he got to the main roster, did a whole lot of nothing, was involved in a domestic violence scandal after failing the WWE wellness program, and subsequently asked for his release in May. Rose was a likable dude who got caught up in a whirlwind of bad things this year, but Adam Rose the character was less likable.

Rose was accompanied to the ring by a group of enthusiastic party-goers known as the Rosebuds. This group of revelers would support Rose and eventually catch him as in his leap of faith, before dancing off into the night. They were a conveyor belt of developmental performers, independent talent and completely random individuals, and now that six months have passed since Rose's release it is rather interesting to look back on some of the folk who accompanied the Ultimate Party Animal back in the day.

If you look closely you'll find a women's champion, a Black Sheep, and a man with two hands and a fighting chance...

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