11 Wrestlers Who Waited The Longest To Win A World Title

Eat your heart out, Bray Wyatt...


Having recently been crowned the new WWE Champion, Bray Wyatt ended a lengthy wait for his first taste of world title glory.

Six-and-a-half years had passed since he first debuted as Husky Harris, or more specifically 2441 days. Regardless of how you want to slice it, that’s an awfully long time, although, it’s by no means the longest time that someone’s had to wait for their maiden world championship run—as the following eleven wrestlers will attest to.

But before we run through this patient bunch, first a bit of housekeeping.

Rankings have been based upon the total time between a wrestler’s officially-recognised debut and the date at which they won their first world championship—be it WWE, World Heavyweight or ECW. So, for example, even though Ric Flair made a couple of appearances for the company in 1976, he hasn’t been included because his official debut is recognised as 1991. Likewise, guys such as AJ Styles or Mick Foley, who had try-out matches a number of years before their actual arrivals, haven’t been considered either.

And finally, the likes of Pedro Morales and Sgt. Slaughter have been left out because, despite long waits for a world title, during those years they actually spent more time away from the company than in it.


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