11 Wrestlers Who Would Rather Do Nothing Than Work For WWE

11. Neville


Neville became one of the first industry names to announce himself part of All Elite Wrestling when the crew held their launch rally on January 8th 2019, over a full year after he'd wrestled his last match for WWE.

'The Man That Gravity Forgot' misplaced his manners when he threw his hands up at the company's creative neglect in October 2017. Enzo Amore's punishment run with the Cruiserweight Title had instead become something he was made to suffer, despite carrying 205 Live as it chuntered along through its sophomore slump.

Sitting on the sidelines for most of 2018, Neville's value went up even if his schedule dropped dramatically. He lasted just under a year willingly in the wilderness before a release was agreed. Heading back to Dragon Gate and the independent scene ahead of the AEW reveal under his original name PAC, the 'Jumping Geordie's prestige had been returned by virtue of his absence.

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