12 Best "Big" Men In Wrestling

Proof that, if you want to make it big, it helps to make yourself "big".


Wrestling in general, and WWE in particular, has always been known as the land of the giants, where heavyweights and super-heavyweights roam, capturing titles, dominating opponents, and turning heads at the airport.

But we're not just talking about giants today. We're talking about big men.

No word is more important in the world of professional wrestling than "big". Need a guy to sound larger than life? Add "big" to his name. Want him to sound important? Add "big" to his nickname. After all, it wouldn't work to call a young Brock Lesnar the next thing - he was The Next Big Thing.

There have been dozens and dozens of wrestlers over the years who appended "Big" to their names in the hopes of superstardom. When he wasn't Tugboat or The Shockmaster, Fred Ottman was Big Man Steele. Gene Kiniski used to go by Big Thunder. Val Venis dubbed himself The Big Valbowski. Even on the indies, you can find title contenders like Big Daddy Yum Yum.

Today, we're going to separate the Big Sal E. Grazianos and the Big Joshes of the wrestling world from those who truly earned their "Big" man monikers.

(Sorry, Big Cass, you didn't make the cut. Maybe someday you'll be on the list, but right now, you're spinning your wheels with Show and Enzo.)


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