12 Most Alarming Physique Transformations In WWE History

This article has been suspended for 30 days due to a violation of WWE's Wellness Policy.

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A wrestler's physique is arguably as important, if not more so, than actual wresting ability and how many good matches you can have. While WWE would rather have somebody who possesses both, history suggests that, given a choice between pushing a guy with huge muscles and a guy that can put on twenty minute clinics, they'll go with the meathead nine times out of ten.

Vince loves big guys. It's the way it is and the way it has always been. Why else do you think the likes of Luther Reigns, Gene Snitsky, and Mason Ryan were pushed on television? Because of their obvious talent and aptitude for wrestling? Good one. No, it was because they were absolutely huge and, in Vince's world, the bigger the better. Because of this unofficial (but very real) policy of pushing guys with great physiques, many wrestlers have very quickly but very noticeably bulked up in the past in order to catch the boss' eye. More often than not increase in bicep size equals increase in TV time which means increase in PPV appearances leading to an increase in the size of a wrestler's bank account.

It's no secret why wrestlers choose to 'say their prayers and eat their vitamins'. Conversely, with the Wellness Policy now in effect, we have seen many wrestlers' once-impressive physiques slowly wither away. It seems that, a lot of the time, wrestlers' bodies are as unpredictable as their behaviour.

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