12 Most Historic Wrestling Moments That Happened In Las Vegas

AEW's launch is far from the only historic or even most important event to occur in Sin City.


Last Saturday saw the official launch of All Elite Wrestling with their Double Or Nothing pay-per-view from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The event represented a cataclysmic shift in the professional wrestling landscape with the start of the first major alternative - and possibly even competition - to WWE since World Championship Wrestling's closure in 2001.

While the monumental show was the most recent history-making moment to emanate from the proverbial Sin City, it was by no means the first. Interestingly, Las Vegas has played host to a number of important events over the course of multiple wrestling eras through the decades.

Beyond AEW's birth, the Nevada city has also witnessed the slow deaths of WCW, the American Wrestling Association, and even Hulkamania's original run. Furthermore, it's been the home of memorable milestones from CM Punk's shocking "pipe bomb" to the announcement of the WWE Network. In fact, the city in the desert was even ground zero for WWE's first step in its ascension to global dominance.

With that, let's take an in-depth look at the most important wrestling moments to happen in Las Vegas.


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