12 Ways The Undertaker's Last Ride Could Go Down

What type of match will be featured in the Dead man's swan song?


There has been tons of speculation as to the "Last Ride" for the Undertaker. Who the Dead Man's final opponent will be be has been analyzed and guessed at, and frankly there are plenty of solid options, though Brock Lesnar remains the most likely. Sting, Kane, and several other vets and former foes           would also make sense.

That said, what has not really been discussed nearly as much is what form The Undertaker's final match will take. Over the years, Taker has been associated with a number of gimmick matches - special bout types that have in many cases become part of the Dead Man's overall mythos. Some of these have become big enough to have outgrown the association with Taker himself - Hell in a Cell for one - while others have only ever been brought out when the Undertaker is involved.

Given the history of the occasion, it makes sense that WWE will go all-out and add a gimmick to make it feel even more special. But just what gimmick will they employ? Just how will the Dead Man put his opponent (or opponents, lets not discount the possibility of a three way or fatal four-way) through hell? 

Let's take a look now at twelve of the most likely, and frankly twisted, evil, and insane possibilities for what type of match The Undertaker will choose for his very last ride.


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