12 WrestleMania 35 Match Predictions Following WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

What lies ahead for The New Day, The New Daniel Bryan, and The Old Shane McMahon?


Elimination Chamber was not a pay-per-view loaded with shocks, but nor was it one that particularly promised as much. If anything, the biggest surprise of all was in just how enjoyable most of it was.

Title changes were notable if not jaw-dropping, whilst the history-making women's chamber match vastly exceeded measured expectations en route to delivering the happiest possible ending for two characters that have deserved one for the better part of a year.

A WrestleMania commercial midway through the event noted that just 49 days and nights will pass before the 'Show Of Shows', leaving little wiggle room for those than aspire to slot in to one of the readily remaining spots on the biggest card of the calendar. Current Champions will clutch their titles a little tighter, challengers on the peripheries will take bigger chances to get noticed while everybody hopes against hope that the niggles and knocks don't amount to anything serious at the worst possible time of year.

WWE have much to address in time for both Fastlane in three weeks, and WrestleMania in six. At some point over the next month and a half, the remaining moving parts need locking in place. Here's how to slot some of them in...


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