12 Wrestling Beers You Won't BELIEVE Taste This Good

We made our own beer!!

Top Rope WhatCulture
Top Rope Brewing

WhatCulture and Top Rope Brewing are back and better than ever... this time with our very own beer! Clickbait Thumbnale is now available for you to enjoy alongside 9 other amazing Top Rope beers for WrestleMania weekend.

After bringing you two incredible craft beer boxes together, WhatCulture and Top Rope have now partnered up to make the channel's very first beer. A delightfully refreshing 5.3% 'Why-P-A', Clickbait Thumbnale is the latest in Top Rope's world-famous range of wrestling-themed refreshments.

Along with 9 of their existing drinks - including Shandy Savage, Papa Mango, Adam Kholsh, Don't You Dare Be Sour, Cold Stone Cream Austin, and more! - 12 Wrestling Beers You Won't BELIEVE Taste This Good is a limited-edition crate of a dozen delicious beers guaranteed to improve your WrestleMania weekend.


Plus, for WhatCulture viewers and readers we're delighted to announce that we're also offering FREE SHIPPING as well. Simply use code “HERESWHY” at the checkout. These boxes will be shipping from 24th March with a cut-off for orders 08:00 on Thursday 31st March, and you must be 18+ to purchase.

Order your box here!

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