13 DVDs WWE Are Planning For 2019

Are we set for The Self-Destruction of CM Punk?

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DVDs! They're still a thing. Streaming services may have seen their sales decline significantly over the past few years, but the last remaining bastion of physical media (no real person buys Blu-Rays, that's a myth) isn't about to give up the ghost like its VHS and Betamax brothers just yet.

And don't WWE just know it. Only philatelists rival wrestling fans when it comes to compulsive collecting, and the company can pretty much guarantee that somebody out there will snap up their latest direct to disc offering the moment it hits the shelves - even if they already own five different versions of the same material already. What if this new one has a slightly different edit? It's the sort of thing we just can't resist.

With that in mind, Titan Tower data-crunchers released a new survey this past week polling the Universe's opinions on a list of no fewer than 28 prospective box-sets for 2019. That's quite a lot, and as you can probably imagine, not all the proposed titles are winners (The Best of Dean Ambrose, I ask you).

This baker's dozen however, does pique interest. Like, one of them's about Goldust. Can't fall off with that.

13. SmackDown 20th Anniversary

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SmackDown's 1000th show is this October. Those good at maths will deduce the blue brand will have been on air for just over 19 years when it celebrates its chiliad. Wikipedia confirms it, meaning the big fist hits the big 2-0 next year.

And what better way to mark the occasion than with a commemorative DVD featuring Vince McMahon promising that terrorists will burn down The Undertaker's house, some definitely not terrorists garroting said Deadman, and Stephanie likening 9/11 to the steroid trial?

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