13 Triple H WWE Projects That Failed Miserably

Not everyone turns out like Seth Rollins when backed by Triple H.

Triple H is the kind of guy who likes to start a project, then runs away and hides when it goes badly wrong. He's done a shady job over the years, attempting to start and take credit for something, only to see it fail miserably. At the minute, his reputation for pet projects is actually quite positive. He's the brains behind NXT, which he hasn't been shy boasting about. Just look at his Twitter, where he posts regular photos of himself with Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Charlotte and other wrestlers he mentored to success. But you won't find photos on there of the wrestlers on this list, talent that Hunter backed and then abandoned. It should also be said that even his successes still have question marks. Raw television ratings have slumped to seventeen year lows with Rollins as Champion. As for NXT, it doesn't make money and has struggled to fill 2,000 seat buildings when touring in Philadelphia and Albany. Critically NXT is fantastic and Seth Rollins is the best worker alive, but the bottom line numbers are all that matters to Vince McMahon. When it comes to Triple H projects that failed miserably, he's got quite the history to look upon.

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