14 Injured WWE Stars (And When They’re Set To Return)

Evaluating Keith Lee, Jimmy Uso, and WWE's other wounded warriors.

Keith Lee

WWE's injury list is typically a gargantuan beast dwarfing any other wrestling promotion's. This is for two reasons:-

1. The company's colossal talent roster, which currently numbers around 260 wrestlers between Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live, and unassigned performers like Goldberg and Edge. When you have more wrestlers than everybody else, there's a good chance you'll have more injured wrestlers than everybody else.

2. A brutal, punishing road schedule that offers limited time for rest and recuperation, nullifying the "safe" WWE house style through cumulative wear and tear. That WWE hasn't toured since March 2020 is likely why the list doesn't look as bloated as normal.

Regardless, there are currently still over a dozen people on WWE's treatment table or in the gym, building strength for a return. The inherent dangers of professional wrestling mean their number will rarely be fewer than this. It's wrestling: even if the rings were traded for bouncy castles, people are still being dropping on their heads.

Pregnancies and maternity leaves weren't included here - and neither were creative-related absences like the one Aleister Black recently returned from.

Let's take a trip to the medical room...


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