14 Shortest Matches In WWE History

Don't dare blink.


Life's too short, or so they say. So maybe we can't be wasting too much time with extremely long wrestling matches. There are more important things to concern ourselves with, right?

It's a fine philosophy, but life generally isn't so short that we can't devote more than 30 seconds to something like an in-ring contest. Sure, not every bout should run to the bell, but nor do they need to finish before you can blink.

Sometimes they do, though. WWE is no stranger to brief match-ups on its shows and some of their past booking decisions make a typical Brock Lesnar main event look like an Iron Man match.

With the introduction of the Money in the Bank briefcase, some WWE title matches have gotten shorter than ever. But for the purposes of this list, we're excluding MITB cash ins like Daniel Bryan over Big Show (7 seconds) or Randy Orton over Bryan (8 seconds) as they're not strictly speaking proper matches.

These ones were though. And you probably turned your head and missed them.


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