15 Biggest Remaining WWE Hall Of Fame Snubs

Now that Macho's finally going in, what other wrongs must WWE put right?

Now that "Macho Man" Randy Savage is finally going into the WWE Hall Of Fame, his name can be removed from the list of biggest Hall snubs. He was the unquestioned top name on that list for years, but that wrong is about to be righted, thankfully. With that said, it's now time to look at the other big names on that list. Yes, there is plenty of time remaining for any of these people to be inducted, even as soon as this year, but as it stands, they aren't Hall Of Fame bound just yet. The one main "catch" here is that currently active or very recently retired names won't be listed. They can't truly be "snubs" if they're still wrestling, or if they stopped only months ago. It isn't really fair to those that are completely retired that spots keep getting filled by those who can still go out and wrestle tomorrow if they really wanted to. This is also going to be kept strictly to names that actually could go in. Therefore, you won't see someone like Kurt Angle listed. He's ineligible because he is under contract to TNA, and they aren't going to let another one of their workers be inducted into their biggest rival's Hall Of Fame, not mention them at all, and give WWE all the publicity for the move. It simply wouldn't make any sense for them to do so, like they did with Ric Flair, when they basically got the shaft. Flair was in the media all weekend long as "WWE Superstar, Ric Flair" with no mention of TNA whatsoever. Sorry, Angle fans.
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