15 Greatest Cults In Wrestling History

Haven't you ever wanted to be a part of something larger than yourself?

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Cults are a fascinating facet of human interaction. It's so strange to think that otherwise reasonable people could find themselves swept up in far-fetched fantasies and behavioral codes that seem inscrutable to outsiders. The human fascination with cult mentalities runs so deep that it even finds expression in the world of professional wrestling.

The following examples come from a variety of promotions and time periods, and they differ from your standard pro wrestling stable in a few important ways: There will be a charismatic leader who exercises far more control over his followers than a normal stable head might, and members are often far more devoted to "the cause" than their own well-being.

Some of these cults have explicit missions, specific goals they intended to accomplish. Still others seemed devoted only to the violent whims of their leader. Some had great success in the wrestling world, while others failed as competitors but excelled as bodyguards and agents of interference. All of them, however, were dangerous to their opponents, and oftentimes to themselves.

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15. Disciples Of Death

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Leader: Mil Muertes & Catrina

Members: Barrio Negro, Siniestro de la Muerte, Trece

This cabal of skeletal luchadors was summoned by the earthquake demon Mil Muertes and his ghostly manager/implied domme Catrina at the close of Lucha Underground's first season. Their goals were simple: enforce the will of Catrina and crush those who would oppose her dominion over the Temple.

Although they saw some initial success -- even capturing the Trios Championships -- their power began to wane as Catrina's control over the promotion slipped away. Eventually, Siniestro de la Muerte killed his partners and absorbed their power to have a brief midcard run, but he himself was ultimately killed by Mil Muertes out of frustration.

Lucha Underground is weird.

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