15 Greatest Cults In Wrestling History

3. Straight Edge Society


Leader: CM Punk

Members: Serena, Luke Gallows, Joseph Mercury

CM Punk may have reached his greatest heights of popularity as the voice of the voiceless, but his best WWE work was likely as the leader of the Straight Edge Society. Growing organically from Punk's holier-than-thou feud with Jeff Hardy, the SES became Punk's personal apostles/muscle. Punk played up the Christian themes of the whole thing, even growing a big Jesus beard and promising to "save" fans and opponents alike.

Ultimately, the SES was unable to stave off temptation, as Serena was captured on film drinking in a bar (gasp!) and Luke Gallows eventually grew tired of Punk's domineering ways. Even though the Society wasn't long for this world, they did give the world one iconic, indelible memory: the time CM Punk tried to have them beat up Jared from Subway.

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