15 Greatest Cults In Wrestling History

2. Raven's Flock

Leader: Raven

Members: Stevie Richards, Saturn, Kidman, Sick Boy, Reese, Lodi, Hammer, Riggs, Horace, Kanyon

After he arrived in WCW, Raven apparently decided that the main weakness of his ECW cult had been aesthetic inconsistency, and he immediately set out to psychologically remold a bunch of jobbers in his image, and procure cutoff jeans for every last one of them. The Flock mostly sat around in the stands, eating arena popcorn threateningly, but for a short time they were able to be an effective army for Raven. They never won anything by themselves, of course, but their constant presence allowed Raven to hold a constant upper hand on his rivals. They also got him a one day US title reign, which is, you know, something.

Ulimately, Saturn rebelled against Raven and defeated him in a match, which freed the rest of The Flock. Uh, except Kanyon, WCW's erstwhile Stevie Richards.

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