15 Most Surprising WWE Veterans

How has Alicia Fox been under WWE contract for ten years?

There's a perception right now that WWE is all about youth, with a new generation breaking through to Raw and Smackdown. But if you take a closer look at the roster, the company is very much still built on the past and on veterans. What's ironic is that more experience doesn't necessarily equal greater skill. Frankly, some of WWE's newer signings are way more accomplished than some of the wrestlers who have been signed for years. And it's a surprise to see what now constitutes a veteran in the company. Indeed, some of the names that have been with WWE for close to a decade and beyond are outright shocking. For some, their extended tenure feels like they've only been there a short while, but they now legitimately qualify as veterans, a status that was traditionally hard to earn. Surviving annual releases and backstage politics is quite the feat and you would be surprised how many of the non-elite stars have managed it for so long.

15. Alicia Fox - 10 Years

Alicia Fox signed her WWE deal way back in 2006, making her a ten year veteran of the company, not that you'd know it from watching her wrestle. It is staggering to consider that this very poor worker is a veteran compared to the likes of Charlotte or Sasha Banks. In fact, Alicia was wrestling her very first WWE match when Banks was just a fourteen year old school girl. After two years in development, WWE debuted Fox in 2008, but her career quickly vanished into obscurity. It feels like she hasn't been there that long perhaps because her work has been so forgettable. Somehow she's managed to navigate a ten year career with WWE, and there's no signs that this veteran is going to be done any time soon. Despite her shortcomings, she's currently enjoying a slight push on the back of her appearances on Total Divas on E!
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