15 Off Air WWE Moments You Weren't Supposed To See

13. Legends Have Some Fun

Prepare yourself for a lot of The Rock in this article. 'The Great One' has been involved in some seriously funny post-show shenanigans over the years. On the 1 March 2004 episode of Raw, he gave good buddy Mick Foley a hand fending off Evolution. That was just the start of his hijinks.

When Raw's cameras faded to black, Rocky, Foley and Steve Austin decided to play around with the live crowd for a while. Their nonsense included Mick dropping a People's Elbow on Randy Orton, The Rock following suit on Ric Flair (check out Flair's classic oversell) and the trio engaging in some off-the-cuff stand up comedy.

Credit to Lilian Garcia for being a good sport too.


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