15 Things You Probably Missed From AEW Dynamite (9 Oct)

Chris Jericho taking a pop at NXT, Darby Allin almost breaking his arm and more...

Darby Allin Chris Jericho

There's probably never been a skateboard spot like the one Darby Allin pulled off on this week's AEW Dynamite.

WCW's old Dynamic Dudes certainly didn't do anything that cool, and it's not like Tony Hawk ever cross-promoted with WWE when his video games were hot sh*t. That means the 'sk8er boi' spotlight belongs solely to AEW's new #1 contender. It might not have happened had Darby shattered his arm earlier in the night.

That's just one of the things you might've missed from the second episode of AEW's new weekly. The show was an improvement over its debut in every respect, and that's saying something. This time, there was a little more emphasis on promos; one in particular gifts this list with three worthwhile entries. Yes, Chris Jericho's list helped this list out.

There was a mini-tribute to one of wrestling's fallen greats, some WWE dissing and even a possible jibe at Dynamite's Wednesday night competition from Jericho's new Inner Circle group. Elsewhere, heels were justified, babyfaces acted like the bad guys and JR did some free advertising for Billy Corgan...


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