15 Times Wrestlers Became Dancers

Don't just stand there, bust-a-move.


Wrestling is awesome, dancing is fun, wrestlers that dance is awesome fun. Indeed it doesn't happen often, but sometimes pro wrestlers just feel like dancing for a crowd. Gettin' down is an easy way to interject some comedy because it's either so great or so terrible.

There are those who have gimmicks that you would totally expect to shake their groove thing. Guys like Fandango, Funkasaurus, Alex Wright, and Disco Inferno have made a living off of tip toeing around their opponents. When they do, it usually gets a nice pop from the crowd.

What really gets the people to take notice is when talent that doesn't usually two-step, decides to do so. Who wouldn't like to see Lana, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, or even William Regal -- who is quite light on his feet -- show off their rhythmic attributes.

The following list will highlight some of the best moments wrestlers became dancers, some occurring before the match, and others mid-match. There was even a time when an entire roster was hypnotized in to dancing, but we'll get to that in a few.

So let's jump to the top moments, and I promise to spare you that time Jim Ross was forced to dance, now that was ugly.

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