15 Wrestling Pics So Strange They Look AI Generated

All of these WWE shots are 100% real and haven't been tampered with. No, seriously!

John Cena Big Head

Wrestling already looks like a computer simulation.

Some of the heroics performed by acrobatic stars like Will Ospreay or Ricochet would put most movie CGI to shame, and that's just for starters. Press pause at almost any point during WWE, AEW, TNA or other pro wrestling programming, and you'll probably spot something strange that looks like AI bots came up with it.

Your eyes are not deceiving you here though - every single one of the images presented in this article? 100% real. There's no camera trickery or complete fabrication. It just looks like there should be an excuse like that to explain why they're all so damn...odd.

All of these pics seem bizarre somehow. It's like somebody went to an AI app, punched in some info about John Cena, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker and others, then smiled heartily at the goofy results. They'd then splash those findings all across social media, of course. Such AI nonsense is handy for memes, after all.

Wrestling has had its fair share of meme-worthy moments, but the difference with these is that they actually did happen. Ready for a journey through some silliness?

Let's go...

15. Hulk Hogan: TNA X-Division Champ

John Cena Big Head
IMPACT Wrestling/TNA

Thank the wrestling overlords this didn't happen, brother!

TNA/IMPACT Wrestling has long said their X Division isn't about weight limits, "it's about no limits". Still, they'd have been pushing it too far had they actually stuck the midcard belt on Hulk Hogan. No, old Terry wasn't X Division Champ, don't worry.

He did hold the belt aloft on TV though, for some reason. It's hard to pinpoint the exact episode of Impact this happened on, but it probably had something to do with Hogan asserting his GM-esque power over another member of the roster.

Imagine Hulk working an Ultimate X? Sounds like something from a video game.


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