16 Most Insane Spots From WWE Night Of Champions 2015

Sting, meet the Spanish announce table.


WWE's Night of Champions turned out to be a very satisfying night for in-ring action. While no one match tried to break away as a match of the year contender, there were plenty of bouts that were well above average. Even the aged Sting proved that he can have an entertaining bout as he challenged WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for his title.

But while Rollins vs. Sting was an enjoyable affair, what made it good was that it had several well-timed big spots to pop the audience. They were very needed moments because there was already a sense of crowd fatigue after a fast paced bout of Rollins vs. Cena proceeded it. That's the importance of an insane spot and as far as I'm concerned, the more insane the better.

This show from Houston had more than its fair share of insane moments and this article will chronicle them all. And it's important to define that there isn't necessarily an exact definition of what an insane spot is. Sometimes it's a very crisply executed move that drops jaws, other times it's a mistimed botch that has every fan fearful of the safety of the competitors. Insane spots aren't only confined to those moments, but those are good examples.

So without further delay, here are the 16 most insane spots from WWE's Night of Champions 2015...


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