16 PPVs NOT On The WWE Network

Despite the claim that all PPVs would be available, there are still missing events.

Despite Vince McMahon and the WWE€™s initial claim that all past WWE, WCW, and ECW pay-per-view events would be available on the new WWE Network at launch, there are still a handful of unlisted events. Most of these pay-per-views were one-off showings and are incredibly rare and easily forgotten. The Network does provide all major pay-per-view events -- even surprisingly (and somewhat questionably), including Over the Edge €˜99, which was the night of Owen Hart€™s tragic death. On top of the announced PPVs, in recent weeks they€™ve even added every WCW Clash of the Champions television special, and reportedly have plans to add every Saturday Night€™s Main Event in the near future. However, that doesn€™t hide the fact that WWE did not deliver on its promise. The fact remains that the WWE Network does not -- and will doubtfully ever -- include every single PPV ever broadcast from the €œBig Three€. Admittedly, most of these shows were foreign PPV events that were never broadcast in the U.S. However, they were -- in most cases -- released in the States on home video. Furthermore, while they are international shows, that is a moot point, as WWE has added the UK-exclusive Insurrextion and Rebellion shows (all eight of them -- four each), as well as Capital Carnage and One Night Only, two further UK-only shows. So, why not add the rest? Join us as we rundown the missing special events. You may even discover some shows you never knew existed.

16. AWA SuperClash III

Awa1 When the WWE Network was first announced back on January 8th of this year, fans were promised every PPV from the €œBig Three€ -- that being WWE, WCW, and ECW -- upon launch. The American Wrestling Association, or AWA, was not part of that announcement, but an argument could be made that it should have been. In the 1980€™s, the AWA was a definite part of the proverbial €œBig Three€ -- alongside WWE and the National Wrestling Alliance. However, much like ECW in the €˜90s, the AWA always seemed to be a distant third -- especially by the time pay-per-view came about. Despite holding numerous large events, the AWA only put on one PPV before its demise in 1991. The original SuperClash was held in 1985 and featured talent from the AWA, the NWA, and Fritz Von Erich€™s World Class Championship Wrestling. The event was a rousing success, drawing over 20,000 fans to Chicago€™s Comiskey Park. Three years later, in 1988, the AWA held the third incarnation of their supershow. The card featured talent from Memphis€™ Championship Wrestling Association and from the World Class territory. Featuring a title unification match between Jerry Lawler and Kerry Von Erich as the main event, the show only drew 1,600 fans to the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. It was a lackluster card from a dying promotion, but it deserves a mention for being absent from the WWE Network. Considering the abundance of World Class television episodes available, the absence of any AWA footage -- especially its only PPV -- is odd.
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